The Castle

The Castle

The forecast for the weekend of the 15th & 16th of February 2014 wasn’t looking good as heavy rain was coming across from South Australia. Watching the weather sites it was looking better for the 14th & 15th and I should just miss the rain.
On friday morning the 14th the radar was looking ok, I reached Yadboro Creek camp site at 7.30am and repacked my backpack with 10 litres of water a couple of freeze dryed Back Country Cuisine meals, spare clothes,jeans, jumper, shorts & woolly socks, Biolite camp stove, tent, sleeping bag and my SOTA equipment, 857 Radio 40mtr & 15mtr Antenna, Squid Pole, 2 x Lipo 6500mah Batteries.
I headed across the creek and I was on my way on a steady uphill walk. With lots of short stops before reaching The Tunnel, which I had to drag my backpack through as it was to heavy to pick up when crawling through, leaving some marks on my pack.


Just after the cave is the scramble up the mountain. Some sections have ropes installed and other sections you have to be very careful as there is nothing below you. I researched a lot of web-sites before going and most have old information 20 to 30 years and the walk has changed a lot over the years.

The Castle

On reaching the top on the north end I needed to make my way to the south end. The top is covered with lowish shrubs and rock platforms. There is no track and you need to push your way through, backtracking sometimes. I guess it took close to an hour to cross the top.

Castle Top

Castle Top Fog
I said on Sotawatch that I would activate at 4pm as I was there about 2pm I had time but decided to set up camp first. The only place to pitch the tent was on the rock platforms, I had to use the spare 3mm rope to hold the tent down to the scrub as I couldn’t use tent pegs.

Camp Site

Byangee & Pigeon House
I put my first call out at 5.14pm. Thanks to the chases allowing me to activate The Castle.
On 4o mtr Band.

Peter VK2FPSR Andrew VK2FAJG Matt VK1MA Paul VK5PAS
Phil VK3BHR Peter VK3PF Ed VK2JI Neville VK5WG
Bernard VK3AMB Ian VK1DI Matt VK2DAG Ernest VK3DET
Peter VK3TKK Mark VK1MDC John VK2YW Al VK1RX
Gordon VK2MMM Mervyn VK3IAA Rod VK2ZRD Amanda VK3FQSO
Rob VK2QR/P S2S VK2/SM-012

I must say sorry to Amanda. I was giving Amanda a single report of 5/9 but couldn’t get her callsign in the log. Amanda must of repeated it 5 times. The walk up the mountain is very hard. Over fallen trees, large tree roots and rock boulders and tight squeezes. The last climb you need basic rock climbing skills and the section with rope you just have to pull yourself up and with a heavy backpack it hard going. So what I am tring to say is that I was tired, it was a hard walk.

Castle Tail

During the night the very strong wind and rain came in but luckly by morning the wind and rain had cleared, there was a layer of water under the tent but I was nice and dry so time to pack up and head down the mountain. Just before the Yadboro creek I started getting leeches. Back at the car there where very small leeches every where. I stripped down and jumped into the car to get a way from them.


3 comments on “The Castle

  1. Well done on activating the Castle Phil. I have climbed it a couple of times, and it is a very hard walk, even just with a day pack after camping at Yadboro. Still one of the most scenic walks on the South Coast. Was good to work you on the top.

    Nice blog too 🙂

    73 Ian VK1DI

  2. Hi Phil, great to see a new SOTA blog, looking forward to reading about your adventures. Congratulations on activating the Castle, going by the pictures is looks awesome.
    Andrew, VK1NAM

  3. G’day Phil,

    Got your email and I have just read your blog.
    Great effort, well done for activating The Castle!

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