My Hiking Setup

SOTA setup

Yaesu 857d

Battery LIPO 6500mha 14.8v

14.8 v Battery

The 875d maxium voltage is 13.8v. I use a DC to DC convertor from ebay for $13.00. Had to resolder the line in and out as it had a loose connections

DC Convertor

To keep a check on the battery. I use a WATTS UP METER for voltage output check 13.5v for radio and a EOS SENTRY to monitor the LIPO voltage 3.3v per cell minimum

Watt's Up EOS Sentry

Squid pole is a 7 metre Haverford telescope pole. I broke the top piece off as my inverted “V” was a bit heavy. I made a new bottom section by rolling 3 layer of 4oz fibreglass over the second section of the pole which came out at the same weight and all fits in together.Very happy with that.

Squid Pole

Everyone has a different idea on batterys and charger. I class this charger top of the line it will charge anything

Powerlab 8

Powerlab 8

Some of my camping gear, Will add to later

Tent – Big Agnes Tent. 3 man but really only 2 man 1.8kg. First time I use the tent was on THE CASTLE. Over night it blow a gale I throught the tent was going to roll over. In the morning when I went to get up there was a layer of water under the tent. I had a bit of a sleepless night but I was dry.

Big Agnes Tent With out fly

Stove – I have 2.

First the Biolite stove. It runs on timber and can charge you phone or anything that runs on a USB connection. Its a little heavy when i carry a 857d radio.

Second I use a Jetboil it is half the weight of the Biolight with the isobutane fuel canister

Stove jetboil-flash-cooking-system-lge



I also have a small solar cell for charging phones and a USB connector that I can place on the LIPO battery

DSC_0043 USB Adaptor


I use a KATADYN water filter

Katadyn water filter


more to come


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