Flagstaff Mountain

This is a nice and easy activation. Starting at the Oxley Lookout overlooking Tamworth there is a good walking track up to Flagstaff Moutain approximately 6klms return.
The track is well defined as the locals use it for there daily exercise. There are a couple of picnic tables on the way if you want a break. Just follow the signs to Flagstaff Mt as there are some offshoots which are all well sign posted.

On reaching the top there is a Trig Station and a sign.


The trees are starting to block the veiws from the top. The north area is the best veiwing area

DSC_0146 DSC_0416

Activation was easy as there is lots of shade. just be careful when setting up as there are a lot of cactus plants on the summit.



Thank’s to all the chases for allowing me to activate the summit.


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